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Idea is that the user is able to see what parts (steps) of a complex mission, he or she has already completed. I am not sure if there has been talk about something similar, but I couldn't find it in search.

I got the idea from trying to fulfill the Welcome Aboard! Mission.

I was not sure what steps I have done already, and that is slowing me in finishing this mission.


Since the mission is listed as a document, it probably means that the Oracle will need to add a completely new type of activity/post/task, which will consist of steps user needs to make in order to complete the mission.


After user completes a part of the mission, he gets the tick mark next to the step he or she has completed, so when on the mission, user can see what are the remaining tasks to be done.

Similar thing is already done with Oracle MOOC's.


I am attaching a picture of how the idea should be implemented.




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