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A Different Welcome Message - Community Agenda

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Reading the current community welcome message, I wonder if the end is near.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 1.05.42 PM.jpg


I remember past discussions and announcements about "modernizing" the platform, which also included more "social networking" options. A few years down the road, I cannot really confirm that I would have seen much progress worth mentioning that actually meets the agenda. I would say if Oracle wants to introduce a social community, they will have to do some better, including what the welcome page proclaims.


For example, I don't think people are fancy to exchange jokes and chit-chat, or want to introduce themselves, or read FAQ. If I landed here looking for answers and information about Oracle products, I would probably think I'm at the wrong airport. If I was here for the social aspects, I would most certainly be disappointed pretty soon, loosing interest considering what the platform has to offer.


I think the welcome message could to better to encourage people to participate and explain up-front what the community is about and outline the advantages or benefit. It should rather emphasize its strengths than advertise its weaknesses.


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