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I am dreaming of a day when Eloqua can pull data...

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From somewhere besides SFTP. I may be off in my dream, but I want my Eloqua to be able to pull data from a REST API and populate a CDO, so I can create field merges that deliver personalized content. There are so many types of ways to store data besides SFTP or SFDC. Why can't I put some code into my instance and pull data without having to search for and invest in a third party connector to push the data into Eloqua via the Bulk API. I don't know... maybe this is a pipe dream or maybe somebody else has figured this out and this dream is reality. Please let me know where this dream stands or iif its a nightmare.


PS I also dream of being able to see WHO clicked on what link without having to create a blind form submit for every single link in my vast army of email communication.


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