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Don't permit users to remove responses

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Unlike in previous versions of the community platform, people can delete their posts, but also delete responses.


For example:


User A starts a discussion.

User B responds to user A

User A responds to user B

User C responds to user B


If user B attempts to delete the first response, a dialog will appear asking to delete the post including the 2 responses of other people, or to delete just the post and make the responses replies of the parent post.


Dialog example:

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 2.47.37 PM.jpg


I think this concept is a bad idea because responses can contain valid and interesting information for the community, and last not least waste the effort of people taking the time to respond.


In my opinion, posters should have an option to delete their own posts, but only if a post did not receive any responses. Users should not be permitted to remove or reassign responses of other users. I understand that people should have a right to remove their own information, but I think it is sufficient that people can edit their posts and withdraw or remove the content. The same concept should also be applied to Ideas and documents.


I suggest not to permit users to delete, branch or reassign comments or replies.


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