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Issue with Grand Total of "Unique" Rates in Eloqua Insight

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There are issues with how Grand Totals for "Unique" values are aggregating in the Eloqua Insight reporting tool.


For example, when pulling the reports on all the calculations for each email campaign, they appear correct separately but the "Grand Total" is calculated incorrectly and appears significantly less than it should be (i.e. Correct total for unique open rate for all email campaigns YTD has a 50.55% unique open rate but Insight incorrectly shows 18.91% unique open rate).


I am aware with the new Insight reporting that contacts are de-duplicated when calculating Grand Totals compared to Classic Insight. However, that type of calculation does not display any meaningful data and takes away from the cumulative performance of all campaigns reported on. More importantly, senior level executives will question why de-duplication is treated in the Grand Total when each campaign should be treated uniquely. Given that there is no current workaround in Insight, Eloqua users will be forced to create the proper calculations in an excel separately which is an inefficient use of Insight's capabilities and of the user's bandwidth.


In essence, the unique metrics should be calculated by:

  • Unique Activities (unique opens, unique clickthroughs): Sum of Unique Opens or Clicks for EACH email
    • *Please note: I am aware you can use the "Sum" aggregation rule in Insight but recommend this be set as the default rule for all Insight reports
  • Unique Rates (unique open rate, unique clickthrough rate): Unique Open or Unique Clickthroughs divided by Total Delivered and multiply by 100 to get the percentage


Below is an example of a sample report pulled from Eloqua Insight (but I added what the correct Totals should be).


Can the Insight Product team further reexamine their current approach and please change the way "Grand Totals" are calculated for Unique values in Insight's reports?


Email NameTotal DeliveredUnique OpensUnique Open RateUnique ClickthroughsUnique Clickthrough Rate
Email A4,1202,14852.14%1222.96%
Email B4,1222,26154.85%862.09%
Email C4,1202,32556.43%1182.86%
Email D4,1151,59538.76%982.38%
Insight Total16,4773,11618.91%2701.64%
Correct/Recommended Total


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