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Ability to upload contacts with the purpose of unsubscribing them from email group(s)

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The clients with external preference management systems and multiple Eloqua instances would like to store the Eloqua email group un-subscription status in Eloqua without creating a new contact in the system. Current upload wizard allows to upload contact records in Eloqua to globally unsubscribe them, but there is no option to store/upload email group unsubscription without creating new contacts in Eloqua. This option can be extremely useful for media/content distribution companies.


There are preference tables that exist in Eloqua which contain email addresses that are not in the database since if you delete a contact, then re-introduce them into the database, their email group preferences are restored. If we could load the data into this table, without adding that contact to the contact table -  that would be a great enhancement. This way if the contact enters the database in future, Eloqua will remember it’s group email preferences and will not send an email if the contact has unsubscribed from that group.  This would also help our customers stay GDPR complaint in case the subscription status/preference was captured outside of Eloqua. Also, this would help our clients stay within their contractual contact limit and at the same time honor opt-in/opt-outs captured via other systems.




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