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Ability to mass-add web visitor notifications via HTTP post in Profiler.

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We recently rolled out Profiler and Engage to a large group of users and have been using it for a little over a month. One of the things we had done in Salesforce is to add two quick access buttons on the Lead List View and the Contact List view to allow someone to add all the selected leads/contacts to Engage in one click. When someone clicks on the Add to Engage button a login URL is concatenated that puts all of the emails into parameters and logs the user into Engage via SSO so they can select an email and fire off a template.


My idea is this... using the same functionality, we could select a list of contacts say up to 50 at a time in order to mass-add web visitor notifications. This would really help our users manage larger account lists in order to set up and administer all the accounts that they want to 'listen' to.


This also builds on the previous Dream It idea I submitted to prompt users when they send an Engage mail if they want to enable Web Visitor Alerts for that recipient. See this related dream it request:

Automatically subscribe a Sales rep to Profiler alerts when Engage email sent




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