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Our sales team had some great ideas on how to make profiler better. Here they are!

- Allow for email threads to still be tracked and logged to Salesforce: currently if they send an email with multiple stakeholders (i.e. main contact and their colleagues in the CC), Engage breaks the chain and sends them as individual emails, which makes the thread impossible. I know that it is hard to track emails due to how tracking pixel works, but if it at least would be possible to track one recipient in the To folder and filter out the recipients in the CC folder, and still have the email logged into Salesforce, that would be very helpful! We have big deals with multiple stakeholders so a lot of communications is threaded.

- Automatically exclude certain domains from tracking - sometimes internal employees are cc'ed on a thread and we don't care to have these emails tracked. It would be great to be able to exclude them on a domain level to be always bypassed

- "Log to Salesforce" button - would be helpful for inbound emails that team members want to track in Salesforce. Marketo/ToutApp has this button and it's been very helpful to my prior company's sales reps!

- Have a setting that determines whether "Track email" checkbox is checked or unchecked by default on the user level. We have some senior VPs using profiler and most of their emails are untracked, but some are tracked, currently they have to uncheck the box most of the time.


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