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Bounceback, Exclude, Unsubscribe in Data Model & Dynamic Content

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Do you have some blacklisted contacts you would like to win back?
Do you have contacts writing to you that do not receive your communication (writing to you from an e-mail that marked as a hard bounceback in Eloqua)?

Do you have issues with users not receiving follow-ups because they unsubscribed from a particular e-mail group?


Let's think about how we could change this.




We already have some interesting, technical fields in the data model (PURL, hashed e-mail, etc.). However, it lacks some beneficial ones:

1. Hard Bouncebacks (True/False),

2. Master Exclude (True/False),

3. Globally Unsubscribed (True/False).

All filled automatically based on the data on Eloqua backend tables containing lists of users with those statuses.


Additionally, it would be great to be able to use e-mail group subscription status in Dynamic Content creation.


Use Case


Ability to use that information in dynamic content would be excellent:

1. We could show the globally unsubscribed user in his transactional e-mails that he won't receive anything more than just those transactional e-mails because they are globally unsubscribed (with a nice, easy system action button to change that situation)

2. We could add to a form autoresponder e-mail information that they won't receive any follow-ups because they unsubscribed from that particular e-mail group (with a nice, easy system action button to change that situation) - not possible to use web data look up in an e-mail

3. We could show on custom made subscription centre whether the user is a Hard Bounceback, Master Exclude or Globally Unsubscribed. Tell them what it means for communication and how to change this status.

4. We could show on an external help centre contact page (with the help of a web data lookup) a box telling the customer why he is not receiving emails before he even contacts support.


I hope you (and Oracle) also find this idea appealing!


Best regards,
Mateusz DÄ…browski


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