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Multi-Channel (Campaign) Form handling improvements

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Many of our forms use a "multiple campaigns per form" approach to create responses based on a single but variable source. We capture different elqCampaignId values from external URLs to trigger individual responses and we also have to hack the pages via script to introduce a default (organic) value to the hidden system field. This allows our marketers to report on social campaign success in our CRM, get "organic" responses when nothing is provided, and see how leads are getting to our assets as well as other benefits within the CRM (very important).


If a Marketer forgets to configure a source URL (email link/page button) with a proper id value and Eloqua receives a blank elqCampaignId (or something breaks perhaps), it triggers ALL related campaigns... this blows up our custom scoring and creates a lot of unwanted activity in the CRM. This can also happen if a previously single-campaign form is added to another campaign canvas, perhaps by another team... suddenly both are triggered.

This could be solved by allowing forms to have a default id configuration, used when a blank is captured in elqCampaignId. Our current javascript solution should not be necessary, and for some people it fails.


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