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C'mon Eloqua - let's allow hyperlink styles in the Eloqua Email Editor

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After years of fielding complaints from my Eloqua users about the poor quality of email editors gone by, Oracle has finally transformed this part of the platform into an absolute winner.  I cannot say enough good things about the new editor.  Our users are finally building high-quality, responsive and great-looking emails with ease. If you've written off Eloqua for this reason in the past, it is definitely worth another look.


That said, there are still a few minor features the editor does not currently support.  Laying down the challenge to the Oracle team.  I hope these can be introduced can be part of a new controlled release soon!


Once these are added I vow to never go back to coding HTML emails.  Just imagine, the day us marketers can finally get on with the work of Marketing, instead of troubleshooting broken div and table tags!


Hyperlink style settings:


1. Allow "non-breaking spaces" . A well-designed text hyperlink never wraps across more than one line in a paragraph.  But it's not always desirable to put a text link on its own line.   Let's allow & nbsp;  to be added - or even better, make this a hyperlink style setting to convert spaces into non-breaking spaces.


2. Allow users to force the hyperlink style for "no decoration" or "underline" .   The "underline" button does not effectively force control over hyperlink underlining in certain devices. Let's fix this so underlining the hyperlink controls this in all devices.  This could be done by setting the style directly in the <a href > tag with the !important attribute.


3. Allow anchors.  Old-fashioned I know, but some people swear by this and we need the Editor to support it.


Thank you again Eloqua for a great improvement.!


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