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Checkbox prepopulate form field with Email Groups subscription status

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There is some functionality out of the box available in Eloqua. But I believe it would be best if an email group has no status, it is treated opposite the way it is today.


Where: Forms; Checkbox Properties - Prepopulate field data, Use Email Group.

Functionality: Only prepopulate (check) the checkbox when the Email Group = Subscribed. Leave it unchecked for No Status.


I want to build a custom preference center that displays a user their true subscription status.




  • Company/Eloqua instance has Subscriptions 1, 2, and 3
  • Contact is subscribed to only Subscription 1
  • Form has those three subscriptions and use the prepopulate field data using an email group on that form - 3 separate checkboxes, mapped to different email groups
  • Form is is added to a Landing Page

Current State: Contact visits landing page - all 3 are checked

Ideal State: Contact visits landing page - Only Subscription 1 is checked. The ones that are not subscribed remain unchecked


I mentioned this multiple times to our previous Expert and to Oracle Support. They say that is the intended behavior, which I cannot figure out why. I can come up with not the best workarounds that we have been avoiding. I hoped that the new forms would fix this but it is the same behavior as prior.


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