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Checkbox prepopulate form field with Email Groups subscription status

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As we all know, this functionality is available in Eloqua. But I believe it would be best if an email group has no status, it is treated opposite the way it is today.


Where: Forms, Checkbox Properties - Prepopulate field data, Use Email Group.

Functionality: Only prepopulate (check) the checkbox when the Email Group = Subscribed. Leave it unchecked for No Status.


I want to build a custom preference center that displays a user their true subscription status.


For example:

We have Subscription 1, 2, and 3

User is subscribed to only 1

I have a form with those three subscriptions and use the option to prepopulate field data using an email group on a form - 3 separate checkboxes, mapped to different email groups

That is added to a landing page

User visits landing page - all 3 are checked (except using new forms since there is a bug)


I mentioned this multiple times to our previous Expert and to Oracle Support. They say that is the intended behavior, which I cannot figure out why. I can come up with not the best workarounds that we have been avoiding.


I hoped that the new forms would fix this but that functionality isn't working at all and after talking to support, they plan to release in 19B but say the behavior will be the same as prior.


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