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Add "unclaimed" box to the paycheck information section on the review paycheck panel.

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Would like to create a way to identify uncashed checks that are moved over to be processed in our unclaimed checks processing.   Currently on the "review paycheck" panel (payroll for NA - Payroll processing usa - produce payroll - review paycheck) there are a series of boxes that track when a check is off cycle, reprinted, adjusted, corrected, or cashed.   We need another box labeled "unclaimed" that will allow us to track all valid uncashed checks that must be processed in our unclaimed checks process.  Currently we identify all checks that are cashed from our bank on a monthly basis and once we load that data can run a query to confirm that all checks that are uncashed match what is outstanding at the bank.   Once a year we remove all outdated checks (older than 90 days) and currently must mark them as cashed, since there is no other box to use.  To have better tracking and accuracy of this data we need to identify all uncashed checks that are moved to that process.  If we have a box labeled "unclaimed" this would allow us to quickly identify, reconcile, and track all of those checks.




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