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Improve ISO2002 (ISO_CT_03) layout

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Bank payment integration is becoming a very in-demand request from our FSCM project. Multiple business units and banks realized the improvement of having automated end to end bank integration from payment and statement file processing to bank reconciliation. One major activity here is the payment file processing which mostly involves ISO_CT_03 xml payment formats. XML format is the most common preferred formats by banks mainly because of flexibility of data transfer and lower cost of implementation (against swift MT).


Challenge however is the need to customize the application packages to implement bank requirements. The existing ISO_CT_03 for example have critical tags not following the standard specification as per the ISO official reference. Few example of tags that is common is needed by the bank are the following:


- Service level code <SvcLvll> - Only applies in Wire payment in Peoplesoft but not specifically mentioned in ISO reference as such. SR 3-19273252521

- Clearing System Member ID  <ClrSysMmbId> - This only applies to Wire payment as well. Banks also request information such as this for ACH payments. There is no reference as well in ISO d SR 3-19392542191

- Purpose of Category - <CtgyPurp> - It should be displayed under PmtTpInf tag and not under PmtInf. SR 3-19322276171


Overall Request - Revisit the ISO_CT_03 format to align tags with global ISO specifications.



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