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Idea: have filter and access predicates populated by AWR snapshots

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Currently, neither AWR nor Statspack are collecting the access_predicates and filter_prediates from the execution plan. There may have been some reasons in the pas (bugs un unparse) but that information is of major importance when we try to tune a query. Curretnly, those columns are collected by dbms_xplan.display_cursor without any problem so I guess it can be collected.


So my idea of the day - and wish - would be to collect access_predicates and filter predicates.

That means: put them as commented out in spcpkg.sql and remove the PARAM('_cursor_plan_unparse_enabled','FALSE') in the query that collects the plan from v$sql_plan


Detailed information about the issue and my current workaround in my blog: AWR don't store explain plan predicates - dbi services Blog





This request is now referenced as: Enh 28146375 - HAVE FILTER AND ACCESS PREDICATES POPULATED BY AWR SNAPSHOTS


This has been implemented in Oracle 20c.


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