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Implement a manual process of acknowledging correct answers <ntidea01>

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Some questioners fail to acknowledge correct answers in a timely fashion, in effect benefiting from expert advice while not awarding appropriate recognition. Whenever this scenario comes about, a potential side effect is the demoralisation of active community members.


This idea is conceived to be implemented using systems already available rather than requiring code change.


The solution would be adopted as a community document which would detail a process along the lines of:

  • If the questioner has not marked the correct answer, then any of the respondents, x months (let's suggest 6) after believing the question to be correctly answered, may raise an Idea proposing that a particular response (maybe their own) be marked as the correct answer.
  • To distinguish these ideas from others (for example in Search), the Idea title should start with an agreed prefix (such as <QADJUDGE>). The remainder of the title should be copied from the original question.
  • The idea text should be at least the statement  “I propose that reply no X be marked as the correct answer to the unacknowledged question identified by the following link” followed by the link copied from the question (RHM on the question title and select “Copy link address” eg, along with suggestions of helpful answers.
  • The community will review these ideas, voting and commenting as usual, as well as reviewing the original question and liking answers where appropriate.
  • X months (let’s suggest 3) after the idea was raised, a moderator should decide the outcome, based on whatever information is available and appropriate. If gaming is not an issue then the result of voting / liking may be used. The moderator’s actions may include (through Admin where necessary): assigning the correct answer, assigning helpful answers, closing the idea, closing the original question.


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