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Facebook Lead Form Conditional Questions Parsing

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Idea description:

For Facebook lead forms passing into Eloqua, , to parse "questions" field which has conditional_question1, conditional_question2


Response from Oracle Development:


As per our current implementation we are parsing only id, name, qualifiers, tracking parameters from Facebook forms response. we are not parsing "questions" field which has conditional_question1, conditional_question2 etc. So its working as per design. I think this should be a new functional update from Oracle FB developer which App has to build.


Idea Problem Description:


We have a Conditional Question on our Facebook Leaf forms, “Select Club”, it’s the second conditional question which is being populated based on the first conditional question “Select City”. The user selection for Select Club is not being passed into Eloqua, it only receives the Select City field which is the first conditional question.


Facebook Lead Form Example:


  FB Lead Form Example.png

Eloqua Program and Field Mapping:

Eloqua program.jpgEloqua Form mapping.jpg




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