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Allow running campaign based on CDO records

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We should be able to feed CDO records directly into a campaign (either keep a single type of campaigns, or make the split between contact and cdo based campaigns, like in program canvas). All campaign functionality remains working as-is, using the contact linked to the CDO record. Any actions, decisions... which are related to the CDO the campaign is configured for are evaluated against the specific CDO record that was fed into the campaign.


This way we could be campaigning around a specific transaction, without losing the context of that transaction (which would be the problem if we only add 'send email' functionality to program canvas; you'd be able to send a mail based on a specific CDO and then add the related contact to a campaign, but in that campaign there's no way back to the CDO record).


Alternative/similar to:

Add email sending capabilities to program canvas (at least for CDO based programs)


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