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Website analytics for all Eloqua Email Campaigns in Insight Reports

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Most of B2B marketers not just evaluate the performance of an email campaign by looking at the email interaction metrics such as Opens, Clicks etc. but also look at the website traffic generated by that campaign and study the digital body language of prospects in order to decide on next plan of action. However, currently in order to see the website metrics for eloqua campaigns marketers resort to UTM tracking and their Analytics engine for example Google Analytics where they generate a customize report to get pages viewed, avg. session duration, exit page etc. information against each campaign and then tie that information back with the email interaction report. This whole exercise is both manual and time consuming.

Since Eloqua supports both website tracking and integration with GA hence these kind of reports should be readily available in the Insights Catalog Report. A report where we can see contact wise email interaction metrics and subsequent website metrics for each campaigns.


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