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Feature Request: Dynamic content "blank" default rule update

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When using multiple sections of dynamic content in an email, where each section would either be "on" or "off" ("off" being the default rule and having NO content"), it would be ideal if those blank default rules would collapse in an email so you are not left with sections of blank space. Use case: someone selects 2 of 11 options on a form, and we want one dynamic email to be sent to them with their selections. If they select 1 and they select 11, selections 2-10 in the email create a large white space. The workaround right now is to put default content to take up the space (i.e. you have not selected this option). Examples below:


Leaving the default rule blank:

Dynamic content - blank content spacing (2).png


Adding a default value to avoid the gaps in spacing (ok workaround, but not a great visual experience):

Dynamic content - blank content spacing option 2.png


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