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"Take The Tour" Banner - Store user advance on the profile not on cookies

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Whenever you log in for first time to the community, a banner appears on the upper side of the page, asking users to take the "Welcome to Oracle Community" tour.


I will not discuss the details of the tour, I consider it as useful even if it can be enhanced, but the decision to provide the tour is out of scope of this idea.


The problem is that the "advance" that a user has achieved in this 4 steps tour is stored on a cookie, thus after completing the tour the banner disappears until:


  • You delete cookies
  • You log in in a new device or browser


This is kind of annoying, mostly considering that cleaning cookies is something many people does frequently. I believe the problem is that the user advance / completion information is stored on the client side while it should be part of the user profile stored on the server.


The idea is to store the information regarding the user advance in the tour not in a cookie but in the user profile (not necessarily "visible"). That way no matter what happens with local cookies or the device you log in into the community, everybody will see the banner just when the tour has not been completed, and pointing to the next missing step in the tour.



This idea is related to this one:

Take the tour - I already did


But that Idea does not mention how to keep the status, it just mentions the problem with cookies.


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