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Remove missions for posting questions and related points retroactively

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I find it unethical when people use the community to the extend to have community members doing someone's job on a permanent basis, and making a living of it. These people often consistently appear clueless and unable to learn from past experience, and are unable or unwilling to solve any technical issues on their own. Of course, this is based on speculation, but it doesn't help the current experience or perception.


We have a bunch of community members with "expert" and higher reputation levels, which were obtained merely by posting hundreds and thousands of questions. Giving people points for posting questions not only invites people to share accounts but can also make a false impression about expertise and reputation. It devalues the reputation system.


A possible solution could be to introduce a quota per user to limit the number of possible questions that can be asked on a daily basis. However, at the very least, missions for posting questions and relevant points need to be removed retroactively.


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