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Display Initial author instead of last modifier in the document view

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Hi everyone,


I'll start with a question.

Who wrote the "Dynamic Integrations for Multiple Hyperion Planning Applications" document in the ODI space according to you?

You can check the Overview :

2014-12-17 09_48_57-Space_ Data Integrator _ Oracle Community.png

Or the "All Content" page :

2014-12-17 09_47_57-Space_ Data Integrator _ Oracle Community.png


Or even the "Documents" page :

2014-12-17 09_49_38-Space_ Data Integrator _ Oracle Community.png


Bob Rhubart-Oracle, right?


Well, no, actually it's RZGiampaoli who created it in the first place. But you can only see it once you open the document itself, mentioned in below the title.

2014-12-17 09_51_19-Dynamic Integrations for Multiple Hyperion Plan... _ Oracle Community.png

My guess here is that Bob did some formatting enhancement and validated the publication.


But it would sound right to show the initial creator of the document everywhere in the space, right?

It's great to have a mention saying that Bob edited it, but it should not hide the original poster.


It's good to have good content written, so it would be good to give more visibility to the writer.






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