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Embedding videos in Eloqua emails

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How nice would it be, to be able to learn and track who is visiting your videos in your campaigns and when they are dropping off? Video analytics can help you learn more about your audience, and improve personalized marketing.  Overall it will improve campaign management. The primary benefit of embedding videos in email is for improved user experience.  On mobile devices, embedding a video saves users a click.  Because most mobile clients don't allow any form of autoplay, a user who clicks on the thumbnail page is forced to click play again when they reach our landing page.


Embedding videos is now an HTML standard and Apple is a Gold standard for mobile email retrieval (and which videos play inline on).  Embedding videos is simply dragging and dropping a video snippet into the email.  It generates the code and degrades it when the other OS email clients cannot play the video online.


If this sounds like  something you need or have been looking for, please vote for the functionality in Eloqua.




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