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More Flexibility with IP Whitelisting

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We have IP Whitelisting turned on for our instance. While it's a great security feature, it is way too limiting especially when it comes to integrations with third-party apps.


Many new cloud-apps are built on platforms such as AWS which don't have static IP addresses. In fact, calls from these apps can come from any one of thousands (or millions) of IP addresses. As a result, there is no way to whitelist all of these IPs and it is impossible to integrate them with Eloqua*


It would be great if Eloqua gave more options for IP Whitelisting. A simple solution would be to allow certain users to bypass the IP Whitelist (similar to how certain users can log in with out SSO). Here's a mockup of what it could look like:

user whitelist.png


There are other potential solutions such as allowing whitelisting by a domain, or by passing a header value either.


*Some apps allow the option to use a proxy between the app and Eloqua that would have a static IP but can cost $000's per month and becomes another potential point of failure, so that just isn't a viable solution.


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