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Populate field merge in Engage with default value

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Use case:

1- Sales people using engage with NO access to create or Edit contacts

2- The Engage email template has a Dear <<First Name>>, field merge in the subject line and in the body of the email - the default value for the field merge is "Customer"

3- Some contacts in Eloqua won't have a value on First Name

4- At the moment composing the email in Engage, the sales person enters the email and Engage will ask for the First Name. Since the sales person doesn't have rights to edit the contact, this cannot be done

5- Ideally, the field merge should take the default value of "Customer" as defined in the filed merge. This works well in Eloqua but does NOT work in Engage.


In fact, if you click on preview in Engage, the preview shows the default value but still can't send the email because the field is blank.


The enhancement request is to allow Engage to accept the default value as defined in the Field Merge.




Fabricio Lopez - NAAC - Expert Services



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