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BI reports accessible through SAML authentication

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The Profiler can be opened accessed with a SAML authentication, so the client single sign-on is used correctly and redirects instantly to the profiler. This is not possible today for BI reports and would be a good enhancement.


We would like to see the SAML login abiltiy be added to Eloqua Insights BI reports.  Insight Agents are able to send the link to a report to our Eloqua users and the UX expected is they user clicks the link on their corporate computer and the SAML process runs and redirects them to see the report.


Today this doesn't happen and a error message is shown.  The user has two workarounds

  1. access Profiler if they have a licence, then access the report
  2. login to Eloqua, access insights then acess the report


This is a poor experience and limits a key benefit of using the agent to send the email for our simple business workflow.



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