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More visbility for blogs and documents.

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The presentation and managing of blogs and documents has arguably some left to be desired, but at least it exists and provides an option for people to share information. However, what certainly needs improving is the ability for the public to find such information.


There are a few people that keep posting a huge amount of information. Sometimes in a foreign non-English language, and apparently some Oracle employees use the space for their advertising and support purpose, probably getting information from various sources. If you review it should be clear what I mean.


The material of regular forum members gets completely snowed under. Why don't Oracle employees use  and give the public and English speaking community some space and recognition on it's own?


I suggest the following:


Instead of showing a list of most recently posted blogs, show a list of users who recently posted blogs. Also, create a different space for non-English content and separate product specific support blogs from the rest of the community space. It makes no sense dumping it all together.


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