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Subspaces for my departments that run back through my page to gather metrics

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Hi, is it possible that I could have a tab with the subspaces section, then under the subspaces, create one for each of the departments relevant for my partners? For example, could we have a subspace (page) for enablment, then one for Product Strategy, then one for Marketing etc.... I think it would help to categorise the content in the subspaces rather than have a huge catalogue of content under the main page. I know the partners can use the categories section in the content page, but I feel the subspaces would be a better fit for the partners. If the subspaces were each a page that then run back to the main page that I have, that would be great as then I could continue to measure the metrics and allow more stakeholders to own their own subspaces in Oracle.  Is this an idea we could run with for the new look?


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