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Prevent Questioner from rating their own question

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When a person creates a new question, they can also rate their own question (whether they can do this at the time of writing the question or just after posting is irrelevant) by clicking the appropriate star rating...




There seems to be a common practice amongst many Questioners (OP's) to mark their own question with a 5 star rating, even if their question is, to put it politely, badly worded, lacking information, or just a simple documentation lookup question.


This devalues the point of having a rating, as many questions that are good will be mixed in with questions that are not so good simply because the OP has rated themselves highly.

It would seem to me that the point of having a rating is so that others can judge a) whether the question is well asked and b) whether it's a good question in relation to the topic, for future people to find good answers for the same sort of issue.


In that respect I suggest that OP's should be prevented from rating their own questions, and it should only be able to be rated by other members.


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