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Drop the APEX > Packaged Applications subspace

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Packaged Applications is an OTN Community space notionally dedicated to discussing the built-in demonstration and productivity applications included in the Oracle Application Express installation.


I suggest that this space is not serving any useful purpose and that it can be dropped/archived without having any impact on the APEX or wider OTN community. The grounds for this are:


  • It attracts virtually no activity—as it stands on 5 April 2015 there have only been 44 threads in 7 years.
  • The questions that are asked are not being usefully answered—9 threads out of 44 marked correct as of 5 April 2015.
  • A significant proportion of the questions asked are off-topic and should have been directed to the general APEX forum.
  • The nature of many of the questions require responses from the Oracle APEX development team which have rarely been forthcoming.
  • A number of the questions are actually enhancement/feature requests that should be made via the APEX Feature Requests application.
  • Questions about packaged apps are routinely asked and answered faster on the general APEX forum.


In summary, posts—whether on- or off-topic—to the Packaged Applications space would get a faster and more effective response if posted to the general APEX forum, where they would naturally be posted if the Packaged Applications space did not exist.


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