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Idea's to simplify mark answer as Correct/Helpful

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I have recently joined the OTN community and it has been observed that many people keep the message while replying to discussion like "Please mark this reply helpful/correct if it does" which doesn't look good since they are helping out and look like begging for points/rewards.


So I am thinking of below idea's to simplify this:




Suppose I am the "Person 1" who has raised the question and another person say "Person 2" replies/answers to my discussion,

and again when I (Person 1) give response/reply to the "Person 2" then there should be one prompt above the editor

saying "Do you feel the earlier post of - "Person 2" Helpful/Correct"

with the buttons : 1. Mark as correct  2. Mark as Helpful  3. No


I am not saying this to enable for all who reply, This is just for the person who has raised the question.




Another Idea I am thinking is to enable the link like "Ask To Mark" (as we have like button currently) to the person who has replied/Answers the discussion.


Let me explain:


Suppose I am the person "Person 1" who has raised the question and I got reply from "Person 2" and If I (Person 1) again give response to the "Person 2" then on that response/reply there should be one link "Ask to Mark" enabled for the "Person 2" only and some encouraging message should get triggered (when click on the link - Ask To Mark) to the  inbox  of "Person 1" along with the link "Mark As Correct" / "Mark As Helpful".


Please let me know your inputs or if you see any challenges. Thanks!




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