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Gamification and Discrimination Policy

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I think snide remarks to posts of forum members who question their points or anything to do with the reward system should be prohibited. Some forum veteran or moderator may have their reasons, or mission, but I think remarks like "I can ask the admin to assign my points to you...", or the "point system is utterly useless ...(and so are you)", are discriminatory and against forum rules and current concepts, which clearly encourage members to participate in the point based reward system.


If anyone wishes to discuss the reward system or gamification and addresses such matters to Oracle OTN, I would say it is fine and welcome if people participate and outline their opinion as long as they respect the opinion of the original poster. It would also be nice if moderators could pay more attention to participants who drag discussions into an endless debates by continuously supplying the same counter arguments, without adding any new information, but having the last word, and hence forcing the original poster to defend their opinion or position over and over again.


Since begging for points is already not allowed, I suggest to extend that policy and add that downplaying the concerns of community members who have questions about their points or the reward system should not be allowed either.


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