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Ability to Remove a Users Account

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I would like to propose that it should be possible and a persons right to request to be removed from OTN history. I can imagine several cases where this could be useful or necessary to prevent further exposure and possible damage.


Oracle and moderators execute their rights to remove unsolicited posts based on own judgment. OTN posting history, reward status and message integrity are obviously secondary concerns when it comes down to protect Oracle's own business interests, and I think users should have the same right regarding their own posts or posting history.


The system should be there to help and assist people and not to prosecute them. I understand that there are technical limitations, which is often used as an excuse, but I do not think it is a valid reason to compromise prerequisites or requirements. Currently, as far as I know, the best a user can do is to open the account profile, check the content message by message and edit or remove posts were possible or necessary.


As far as the implementation concerns, I suggest that the deletion of a user account and posting history should be subject to double verification and be processed only by the OTN help desk, who can verify that such requests are legitimate. Previously awarded points to users for providing responses to the deleted account should be retained.


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