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Special Role Badge for Past and New Top Forum Leaders

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This idea supersedes the previousSpecial Avatar and Leaderboard History for Forum Leaders idea and suggests a new and easier concept.


Since the introducing of the Advanced Gamification module a few months ago, previous top participants have lost their visual recognition. I woud like to suggest the following idea to help past top participants to regain some of their previous status, as well as to introduce a new reward feature that could be interesting for new forum leaders.


  1. OTN creates a document or web page showing the statistics of past top participants, prior to the last leaderboard reset, and defines which forum spaces are eligible for avatar role badge evaluation. The information should be online and publicly available.
  2. Past top participants who achieved at least the 3rd rank in any of the designated leaderboards can contact OTN to request a role badge. Or, depending on the final solution, download an appropriate avatar overlay image and submit their modified avatar.
  3. Any member of a current leaderboard qualifies for an avatar role badge, same way as past top participants, once they achieve the same amount of points like the 3rd rank in the same leaderboard of previous top participants.


Please vote in favor of this idea if you agree about the concept. How the avatar role badge or recognition should look like still needs to be determined. I've added some suggestion and details in the 1st comment below. Feel free to share your opinion and ideas.


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