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Allow users to create Community Documents

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Following on from a previous Idea: Create and publish documents


It was indicated that the Community Document features were disabled for all regular members due to issues we had with Spam, which is understandable. (In fact I was surprised to find that I could still create documents, being a moderator)


This idea is to allow better contribution to the community by allowing members to create documents if they've reached a certain status or level.  So for example, if a person has reached level 10 - "Innovator", then they have already shown they are not a spammer and have demonstrated they have a level of expertise and recognition on the community, so the permission to create documents is enabled (automatically) for them, so that they can further contribute their valued knowledge.


No doubt there are some technical issues around this (especially knowing the history behind the Jive software). but I think it would help to add valuable content to the community from recognised experts, whilst avoiding the issue with spammers abusing it.


As a last resort, if not technically possible to do automatically, then even if it was a case of members individually requesting the ability to create documents once they achieve a certain level/status, that would help the community; assuming permissions can be enabled on a per-user basis.


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