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Request for answer to be marked as correct and thread closed.

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Apologies if this has already been suggested but I'm sure I am not the only one to be frustrated by the following scenario...

I have on numerous occasions spend time looking at other users problems on OTN and made the effort in suggesting solutions for these and guiding them through to a positive outcome.

Then, once they have the solution you simply get a message 'thanks, that's what I was looking for' or a positive acclaim and they don't use OTN again until another problem arises in the future.  I have seen similar ideas of reminders to people to log on and close a thread but often people only use the forum when they need a question answering and once it is answered they don't go log onto it.

This leaves the thread unanswered and deserved points not assigned.

It also means that people looking for a similar problem in the future can't see that this question has been successfully answered.

I believe there should be a request closure option available for a user to request that his answer be marked as correct if the question originator has indicated that is is indeed solved?


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