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Allow wildcards and special characters in "IN" statements in filters

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The "IN" function in filters is great, but limited because you cannot use special characters ( . - , *). I would like to use it for company names, but many company names include a dash or a period.


Additionally, it would be great to be able to use wildcards. People can enter their company names in different ways (Acme, Acme International, Acme Inc., Acme - North Dakota). If I could include "Acme*" in a filter IN statement, it would make the IN function much more useful.


Right now, the only special character you are allowed to enter is a comma, and that is just as a delimiter. Instead, we could use single quotation marks and commas, or hard returns as our delimiters, so our list could look like this: "Acme","ABC Engineering","123 Company Inc."


or this:


Acme* ABC Engineering* 123 Company Inc.


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