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SFDC email address change

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Would like to see email address changes in SFDC (i.e. made by salesperson) change the email address of the contact in Eloqua. This should maintain the person's subscription memberships and email history (from old email address), maintain profile, company and datacard link, maintain data in their contact, prospect, datacards.


In most integrations a change in email on the SFDC side will create a new contact in the Eloqua side creating the possibility of duplicate SFDC IDs in Eloqua.  The Lead Score, Subscription group memberships, company, datacard link etc will be lost.  This reduces your ability to segment and use data to automate processes properly.

Work around is complex.  Would need to create a custom process for changing email in SFDC perhaps through a form. What to do in these scenarios should be considered and would vary depending on company:1) the new email already exists in Eloqua (what data to merge? priority?)2) what if the email is different in the SFDC Contact and the Lead )should? how? data should be merged)


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