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Links in Eloqua Preview should be clickable

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Right now when you preview an email in Eloqua via the Preview section, the links are clickable but they open a new window to a blank page.
Our use case is that you have partners who are using your preview function via the API to preview Eloqua emails in their product, we can only see what the email looks like vs actually see where the email links to.

This relationship is both equally valuable to Eloqua as it is the Partner.. In our case Kapost. We use Kapost to approve our Eloqua emails to minimize back and forth communications between the marketer and marketing ops. They look at the content in Kapost and would like to click the links before getting a final test email to them. Right now since Kapost is pulling from Eloqua's Preview and you can't click the links there our approval process is much more clunky.


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