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Add capability for people at the same company to collaborate

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(Note: I am posting this mostly to help Oracle with some internal testing - I was having trouble coming up with an idea )


I would assume that there are probably people using the OTN community resources from within the same company/university/employer/etc. Could we create the capability for such people to "band together" somehow - perhaps by creating their own group - where they could see each others' questions/comments/threads easily in one place? I'm not suggesting that there be any private community amongst them with private messaging or anything, but just an easy way for the group to see what others are up to.


One specific example where it may be useful (I speak from a biased point of view, having participated in a few spaces that seemingly get a lot of university students asking questions) would be for students of a same class - a lot of times they may be working on the same projects, having the same questions... Thinking out loud here, it would also be a neat feature (another idea, perhaps) for students to be able to flag a question as "this is homework" so that people who respond can more gently point to the documentation and give hints rather than actually doing the homework.


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