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Tim St. Hilaire

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About Tim:


Tim St. Hilaire has been working with Oracle as a developer, integrator, and architect since 1999.  His most recent focus is on the Oracle Application Express tool set and integration opportunities available both internal and external to Oracle Database.  From his time at a large aerospace and defense company, St. Hilaire succeeded on enabling process improvement through technology implementation.  His efforts continue as a consultant, blogger, author, and co-founder of Sumner Technologies with a focus on commercial product development.   Sharing his experiences with others is both a hobby and a passion. 

Tim has lots of experience dealing with customers in the 'professionally paranoid', high-end security-conscious community. So when he talks about good ways for securing and accessing your applications, it's probably a good idea to listen.

For example ..."Depends on your use case, but ORDS installed into a J2EE web server is the recommended approach." - Tim



OTN Community Name: Tim St. H.

Oracle Ace Associate



Twitter: @sthilaire


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