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Anton Nielsen

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About Anton:


Prior to starting C2, Anton spent a decade at Oracle and possesses extensive experience across the entire Oracle technology stack. With an advanced degree in mathematics, Anton has expertise in the underlying science behind technologies, and regularly consults with Oracle on matters relating to technology and security.


Within 2015 alone, Anton Nielsen has given numerous presentations and provided resources to establish Oracle REST Data Services as the solution for developing within the new Internet of Things (IOT). Delivering these contributions in a unique and engaging manner, Anton has helped generate excitement around the potential of ORDS to effectively implement solutions, even among audience members who had never before used these technologies. Anton's presentations at APEXposed (ORDS, APEX and the Internet of Things) and Kscope15 ("Hands-on Training: IOT = Internet + Oracle + Things"  - more info available at allowed audience members to connect with the technology at a level far beyond a slideshow or demonstration. Instead, attendees built their own services to communicate with an IOT device sitting right in front of them on the table.


At Kscope15, those in the hands-on session assembled the devices, configured the ORDS service, and created an APEX application to manage the device - all within 1 hour! Virtually everyone - including many who had never used ORDS or APEX before - was able to complete the entire project. For this session, Anton was awarded the Top Speaker Award for the entire conference. The primary achievement, however, was not the award itself, but instead the number of people who were excited and talking about the possibilities offered by ORDS. Building upon these successful presentations, Anton is now spearheading a new project to create an easy, efficient, and customizable Internet-of- Things solution that can be utilized by anyone with a browser. Called the "Build Something Hub" (, this service will utilize ORDS to allow anyone to quickly connect their own internet-enabled device and begin storing, reporting, and analyzing their data.


Designed with the maker and tinkerer communities in mind, Anton is providing the Build Something Hub as a free service, open to anyone who wants to empower their own data or share their findings with the world. With ORDS, the device set up becomes as easy as tweaking a URL, allowing users unfamiliar with ORDS to leverage their data and learn about the technology in an engaging manner.


Anton is now planning a Fall 2015 series of visits at university campuses to promote ORDS, Application Express and Oracle Database to the next generation of developers, using his IOT workshop.


Anton is also an experienced mathematics teacher, holding positions at both Northeastern University and Wright State University. In his spare time, he enjoys building and inventing in his workshop and is an avid pilot.



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Book: Expert Oracle Application Express


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