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Trent Schafer

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About Trent:


Trent  is a classic example of a developer who recognized early the benefits of sharing knowledge within the community. He is active on the OTN Application Express Forum, with a status of Grand Master, and backs up those contributions with an active and highly regarded blog, packed full of APEX tips.

Another way to contribute to the community is to build and make available as open source handy utilities. Trent has done that with pl-gapi, a PL/SQL Google API written primarily for Oracle Application Express: " This started with wanting to figure out how to interface with Google data from APEX, and began with inserting and fetching data from Calendar. It then transformed to interfacing with Drive - that is, being able to upload files into google drive, and storing the reference in a table. That inspired me to begin a project that is more easily integrated, with a set of packages for each Google service independent of one another."

Trent has also supported Martin Giffy D'Souza's oraclexe-apex GitHub project, which makes it much easier for developers to build their own Oracle Database XE-based development environment. Trent has added many new features and improved the ease of use of the utility, allowing APEX developers to focus on building applications, rather than configuring their environment.



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