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Morten Braten

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About Morten:


Morten Braten has been working as a consultant and software developer for almost 20 years (since 1997), with a special passion for relational databases. His favorite tool by far is the Oracle database with PL/SQL and Application Express. He recently published a widely circulated presentation that simply and powerfully presents the case for the PL/SQL language: PL/SQL, The Good Parts.


Morten maintains several open source projects, including the Alexandria PL/SQL Utility Library, and the Thoth Gateway, a mod_plsql alternative running on Microsoft IIS. He has been blogging since 2008 at


The Thoth Gateway, "a bridge between an Oracle database and a Microsoft web server", allows you to develop PL/SQL web applications in Application Express, and then serve the content using Microsoft's Internet Information Server.


Morten published a popular series on installing and running Application Express on ORDS:


To support the Application Express community, Morten has created two popular plug-ins (

and and an "integration kit" for the jQGrid component for APEX (


Demonstrating Morten's love of "pushing the envelope," he put together "ApexGen" - a framework for generating Apex apps using PL/SQL code (using unsupported APIs and not updated since Apex 3 or thereabouts, but as Morten says "Still... I think it was a good idea and a fun exercise! :-)").



OTN Community Name: mobra

Alexandria library:

Thoth Gateway:



PL/SQL presentation:


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