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Juergen Schuster

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About Juergen:


Juergen spent 13 years with Oracle Munich as a consultant and was the first German Oracle consultant to learn and start promoting/training  on Application Express, both inside Oracle and with customers. For the last six years, Juergen has been a freelance consult focusing exclusively on APEX. He is technically proficient and has built a website offering examples of how to leverage APEX Dynamic Actions (

But for all his technical excellence, Juergen really shines in his promotion of Application Express. He is the "inventor" of the a'peks stickers that adorn many developer laptops. He even ships them for free to whomever wants them! He helped launch APEX Meetups and maintains a website allowing developers around the world to meet with and learn from other APEX programmers. He hsots the German-language Facebook APEX group (

Juergen's most recent initiative is the Oracle APEX Talkshow, a podcast that's "all about APEX".:



OTN Community Name: Juergen Schuster


Twitter: @JuergenSchuster (

APEX Podcast:

Dynamic Actions Sample:

APEX Meetups: -

German speaking APEX Facebook Group:


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