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Sean Stuber

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About Sean:


Sean D. Stuber is a DBA at American Electric Power. He has been a developer for over twenty years, working with Oracle for most of that time. His main responsibilities are coding, tuning, and mentoring developers in how to best utilize their Oracle databases. Some of his articles have been published in the ODTUG Technical Journal, IOUG Tips & Best Practices Booklet, and on Experts-Exchange where Sean is a regular contributor (over 7,300 questions answered!) and topic advisor for Oracle topics. When not engrossed in Oracle, Sean enjoys reading, cooking, traveling, and building things with his family.


Sean is a regular player of the SQL quiz on the PL/SQL Challenge (ranked 95th worldwide). He created one of the leading solutions in the Obfuscated SQL Contest ran in 2015:

Sean has presented at the last several Collaborate conferences; at Collaborate15 conference, Sean presented on Set Theory, SQL and the Steve Miller Band. He also presented at Kscope12 and Kscope13.

While Sean enjoys helping people learn to use SQL and PL/SQL better, he also takes a "perverse joy in trying to use PL/SQL to do things it shouldn’t." One of his favorite examples is his port of the SIMD-oriented Fast Mersenne Twister pseudo-random number generator to PL/SQL. "Faking C’s pointer manipulation with PL/SQL records is not a good idea for a production implementation, but it was a fun exercise."



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