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Matthias Rogel

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About Matthias:


Matthias studied pure mathematics in university and then went into Information Technology as a career in accordance to the old joke "What is the difference between a PhD in mathematics and a large pizza? ( Answer: A large pizza can feed a family of four.)" He found his first job with Oracle Database in 1992 building SQL Forms 3.0 applications with Oracle 6, fell in love with the fundamental Oracle concepts and especially with the SQL language, and since then has concentrated on Oracle-related technology, as a developer, database administrator and architect.

For over a decade, he has implemented the Oracle-driven-backend of vwdgroup, one of the leading provider of financial services in Europe. On the job, he is a strong advocate of the mantra "what can be done in SQL, do in SQL", so he is very pleased to follow and apply all the new SQL-features implemented over time (analytics, model clause, pattern matching ...). As a logical consequence, he is working hard at the moment on upgrading to 12c soon ( also because there, the mantra can be followed even more easily)

Matthias credits Tom Kyte as being the teacher from whom he has learnt the most, and he has returned the favor by posting for several years frequently on, under the pseudonym "Sokrates".

According to the device "Don't believe it, test it!", he often tried to disprove Tom in some longer discussions and was proud when he succeeded (identifiers can sometimes be bound) or when Tom could learn something new from him ()


Although Matthias is intrigued by the amazing power of new SQL features, he also likes to play with quite elementary SQL and is often astonished what to discover with it:


Beside his blog, he is quite active as a commentor on several SQL-related blogs for example:


As well as on twitter, where he still can disprove some of the most respected Oracle experts, but always advocates the power of data


Matthias also contributes highly rated answers in the SQL & PL/SQL community forum on OTN. His contributions demonstrate how to use SQL to the fullest.


Matthias lives in Kaiserslautern, a small town in southwestern Germany, surrounded by a large forest, together with his three children. During his free time, he likes to cycle and hike. For the especially curious, you can even explore Matthias' weaknesses in chess.


OTN Community Name: MatthiasRogel


Twitter: @MatthiasRogel (

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