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Kim Berg Hansen

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About Kim:


Kim is a developer/architect using Oracle SQL and PL/SQL since 2000, specializing in doing it all in a single SQL statement wherever possible, utilizing the database to the maximum. He is an Oracle Certified Expert on SQL.


In his work Kim utilizes SQL extensively to work with data, particularly using analytic functions and other SQL functionality to let the SQL engine perform the major part of any data analysis or manipulation. Then he wraps the SQL in PL/SQL to create business logic APIs, that can be reused whenever the app needs to be re-implemented in new UI frameworks. One example is the WheelGuide in his company's webshop ( It is build around a PL/SQL API created 10 years ago. This site's UI was coded originally as a Java Applet, then some years later rebuilt in Adobe Flash, and more recently using HTML5.Throughout all of these changes, the PL/SQL API remained unchanged.

Kim expands the capabilities of the company application by using PL/SQL to let the database work with data from the outside world by HTTP or FTP or Webservice calls. He also creates PL/SQL utility functions for use throughout the rest of the application, often combining SQL and PL/SQL and XML to integrate external data or do automated ETL.

Kim has presented on SQL topics and his overall development paradigm at several conferences in the Oracle community, including ODTUG KScope and UKOUG's annual conference. He will present at DOAG in Germany in December 2015, and participate in the Optimizing PL/SQL for Performance and Maintainability panel discussion at Oracle OpenWorld 2015. Kim is also exploring, with Erik van Roon, the feasibility of setting up a Kscope-like conference in Europe ("EScope").

Kim is the main author of the weekly “Select from SQL” quiz on Oracle PL/SQL Challenge (; since May 2011 he has written over 178 SQL quizzes, which have been answered more than 60,000 times. He has authored several articles in OTech Magazine ( He blogs on Oracle development topics, mainly SQL (

In his spare time Kim likes to cook, reads sci-fi, and is chairman of his local chapter of the Danish Beer Enthusiasts association.



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